Chardonnay Hills Care Homes are a group of homes that are locally owned, consisting of upscale 6 bed assisted living homes providing elder care in a residential setting. We carefully choose our locations to ensure they are in quiet, comfortable, and senior friendly neighborhoods. We are here to offer you full assistance with custodial care and to help our residents, including those who are bedridden or on hospice, with a variety of needs. You can continue to enjoy your family and friends in the comfort of a cozy adult family home setting, and feel secure knowing that help is available 24/7. There is no doubt that you will be in excellent hands with our superb caregivers and our compassionate administrators, and all we ask in return is that you stick around, relax and enjoy the life you deserve!

Amazing Atmosphere

Assisted Living Support

Courteous & Caring Staff

Chardonnay Hills Care Home offers Quality Care in a cozy and comfortable home setting to ensure that the residents are comfortable and feel right at home. 

We also create an setting to allow Socializing in small groups to ensure all our residents are comfortable interacting together, keeping each other company and creating friendships.

Continuous care and monitoring of residents state and progress in condition.  Chardonnay Hills ensures residents comfort and prompt action in case of concerning conditions.

We also schedule activities that keep seniors active physically and mentally as am important part of our care.

Chardonnay Hills offers loving and caring caregivers that provide quality care with lots of love.

We also provide a variety of nutritious Homemade meals and snacks.  Menu is published weekly with consideration for food preferences.